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Vector MM

We are Vector Maintenance Management.

We support asset owners in the gas and oil industry and help with creating safety , continuity and value by effective and efficient
maintenance- and inspection- programs.

Vector Maintenance Management initiates , implements , optimizes works independent. We do not perform any maintenance ourselves, you can rest assured that your business objectives are our highest priority. We have our roots in the Petrochemical industry and are specialized in oil & gas production and treating facilities. Years of experience in the field of inspection and maintenance has led us to realise that companies need information they can use to make deliberate decisions for (cost) efficient implementation of inspection and maintenance processes and securing the asset integrity.

We provide maintenance optimization- and asset management services:

  • Management of Risk regarding; Health, safety, Environment, Production, Capital and Reputation
  • Delivering the maintenance and inspection concept up to detailed task description. (plug & play)
  • Implementing all required parameters in the management system, necessary for initiating, monitoring and optimizing your maintenance and inspection process
  • Delivering maintenance and inspection concepts perfectly matching with company regulations and organisation
  • Training and education
There are numerous examples where Vector Maintenance Management shows its added value. Our branch experience combined with maintenance-,inspection-and asset integrity methodologies is what makes Vector Maintenance Management B.V. a unique company in the market. We gladly take the opportunity to show you how investing in an effectively structured maintenance management system leads to risk reduction and cost control in both the short and longer term. Interested in our services? Brows through the website for our services, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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Meet Vectormm

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"Let the compass of Vector Maintenance Management B.V. be your guide"