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Maximize the return on your industrial assets with proven solutions and decades of knowhow.
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Moving forward with OCTAM

Following our proven OCTAM methodology, we instill consistency across your entire operation. From strategy in maintenance and inspection to every day working instructions and uniform reporting in an optimized CMMS. The result: accurate data providing invaluable insights. All you need to move forward in maximizing your return on industrial assets. Want to see for yourself?

Case studies

With over 5 years of reliable data, TotalEnergies Netherlands were able to perform the first accurate RCM simulation ever at Total Energies group. As a result, they were able to optimize their maintenance strategy, backed with obtained derogations, while saving costs and at the same time improving availability.

How to identify and  specify Safety & Environmentally Critical Elements (SECE’s) and integrate its management from scratch in the CMMS when new regulations demand clarity and traceability? At Neptune we introduced a team to address the task of setting up the required information system and assessing their production platforms accordingly.

Adjusting the course of action and taking the right decisions when it comes to safety and environmental issues requires business intelligence. Following their wish to work with BI-Cycle, we integrated this business intelligence tool to work with all relevant data sources. Now the client is able to generate dash boards and reports with just a click of the mouse.

About us

About us is actually about you. And our team of passionate engineers. What sparked the start of VectorMM is the drive of three professionals to put the interest of the customer first. And so VectorMM was founded in 2007. Since then we developed into a steadily growing consultancy with long term relationships in major industries. The founding principle however never changed. We are committed to deliver value first. Our business is about you and the support we can offer with expertise and tooling to help you reach your goals.