Databased RCM optimization for TotalEnergies

With over 5 years of detailed maintenance data in the CMMS , TotalEnergies and VectorMM were able to deliver an accurate Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) simulation. As a result, we identified great opportunities for more effective maintenance, improved availability and huge cost savings, while remaining fully compliant. This led to a unique short payback period of just one year for the optimization program that was initiated.

TotalEnergies Nederland

TotalEnergies Nederland

In the Netherlands TotalEnergies Nederland is active in the complete power spectrum. From exploitation and production of gas to the refinery, marketing, distribution of oil and gas, including production and marketing of chemicals. On a global scale, TotalEnergies SE is one of the four largest oil and gas companies with over 100.000 employees and companies in more than 130 countries.

Need for more accurate information

At TotalEngergies the need for better insights led to a request at VectorMM to align their SAP-environment with more detailed reporting on the status of equipment and installations at 28 production platforms in the North Sea. This didn’t only involve changes in data management and IT, but also the standardization of working methods in order to provide uniform input for the SAP-based CMMS. René Pabst, director at VectorMM explains: “The roll out of the optimization project over 28 production platforms, built in different periods with different systems, took us one and a half year. It resulted in no less than 40.000 components that needed systematic reporting.” 

28 production platforms, 35 systems and 40.000 components

Real life data enforce derogations

“Analyzing the accumulated information of over 5 years daily operations showed us that the strict maintenance policy wasn’t always backed by the data. Before approaching the team at TotalEnergies, we made different analyses by running the data through the RCM simulation. This enabled us to build a sound business case that the team at TotalEnergies would need to get any derogations approved. At international level they were really surprised about the amount of detailed information. You are the first ones within the TotalEnergies group who have shown through RCM simulation with actual data that reducing maintenance intervals is possible whilst maintaining availability and integrity’. The end result was that 12 out of 13 proposed derogations were approved!”, says René.