How we work

The first thing you notice when you set out to work with us, is that we aim to get to the point right from the start. With just a few intake sessions we create a clear view on your situation. This allows us to pin point the problem areas that need further investigation.

First investigate, analyze and design

Following the 8 aspects of the propriety OCTAM method, we look at the current status regarding legislation, your company policy, organizational structure, strategy and operation, performance monitoring and evaluation cycles. Being fully aware of all the interconnectivities, we always analyze the whole chain of steps before an improvement approach is designed.

Than implement, test, monitor and evaluate

Once the optimization for the specific problem area is designed and  approved, we start implementing it into your systems. In the operational phase, an ongoing cycle of monitoring, evaluation and further improvement is put into place, to keep you ahead of the situation anytime.

Embedded in your CMMS

To make sure you can work independently, we not only provide guidance and support in establishing the 8 modules – partly or completely – but we also help to implement the results into your CMMS. Implementing the right information in the right place in the CMMS is not a complementary job at VectorMM, it is one of our main competences.