Smart CMMS Configuration

From purpose to practice

Your maintenance management system is a means to an end. Its main purpose is to enable you to make targeted decisions regarding business operations and maintenance management. Therefore, the starting point is not the CMMS itself, but a clear philosophy and a solid strategy. That’s the smart way to approach optimization.

Optimizing your management system

Based on vision and strategy, we start building and optimizing your management system. We keep doing that until it effortlessly gives you clear answers to questions that arise from the production process or from legislative authorities. Before we get to that, we have some questions ourselves that we will help you go through:

  • Does the structure help you to make operations more efficient?
  • Are relevant data quickly available at the right place and time?
  • Can you at any time provide proof that the installation complies with licensing requirements
  • Does the system supports you, or do you need to support the system?

These and more key questions form the base for an optimized CMMS.

Maximizing synergy and effectiveness

By creating coherence between asset performance, prioritization, responsibilities, logistics and time schedules, we are able to create a management system that offers synergy between maintenance, inspection and asset integrity. We’re here to help you develop an optimally balanced maintenance management system.

Customer cases

With over 5 years of reliable data, TotalEnergies Netherlands were able to perform the first accurate RCM simulation ever at Total Energies group. As a result, they were able to optimize their maintenance strategy, backed with obtained derogations, while saving costs and at the same time improving availability.

How to identify and  specify Safety & Environmentally Critical Elements (SECE’s) and integrate its management from scratch in the CMMS when new regulations demand clarity and traceability? At Neptune we introduced a team to address the task of setting up the required information system and assessing their production platforms accordingly.

Adjusting the course of action and taking the right decisions when it comes to safety and environmental issues requires business intelligence. Following their wish to work with BI-Cycle, we integrated this business intelligence tool to work with all relevant data sources. Now the client is able to generate dash boards and reports with just a click of the mouse.