Maximizing your return on industrial assets

On this page you will find all our solutions we can support you with in your industrial asset management

Smart CMMS Configuration

Your maintenance management system is a means to an end. Its main purpose is to enable you to make targeted decisions regarding business operations and maintenance management.

Legislative audit readiness

Compliance is your license to operate, no doubt about that. But are you ready for mandatory audits at any given moment? Can you prevent fails and costly counter measures to solve them?

Improved Risk Control

For any asset owner risk control is an absolute necessity. The good news is that mapping, managing and controlling risks of industrial installations is at the heart of VectorMM’s services. We offer a well-documented and complete insight into the risks related to the use of your installation.

Better decisions by BI

Business critical information, presented in dashboards and reports that are available when and where you need it. That’s what helps you to make better decisions. Our job is to help you achieve that.

Train people to perform

Your most valuable assets are your people. We help them to grow professionally. Our courses and training programmes are adjusted to the role they play within your organisation.

Unique Asset Performance Strategies

Your situation is unique and requires its own strategy, rules and best practices. This is where the OCTAM method comes in. Following OCTAM, you can have best of all worlds: adequate control of the maintenance process as well as optimized continuous production.

Cut cost expenditures

Saving costs by optimizing your systems is a long term strategy with immediate impact. Working in the processing industry for decades, we know there is always room for optimization. Production sites are not static platforms, but a cross road of changes, leaving loopholes for inefficiencies. These are not threats, but untapped potential for growth.

Asset performance quick scan

If you believe that some aspects are possibly inadequate or missing and you would like to pinpoint any gaps, you can easily perform an asset performance quick scan yourself. It’s free and seriously without any strings attached.