About us

About us

About us is actually about you. Because the foundation of VectorMM was sparked by the drive of three professionals to put the interest of their customer first. And so VectorMM was established in 2007.

Long term relationships

Since then we developed into a steadily growing consultancy with a dedicated team of 15 engineers, and we are still growing. At VectorMM we take pride in maintaining many long term relationships with major customers in different industries. The founding principle however never changed. We aim to deliver value first. Our business is about you and the support we can offer with expertise and tooling to help you reach your goals.

We make strategy work

The core of our business is bridging the gap between maintenance management strategy, daily operations and the supporting information platform, the CMMS. We help to define a clear philosophy, build a sound maintenance and inspection strategy on that and then translate all of this into a fully operational process in your management system. Traceable,  maintainable and measurable. What sets us apart is an integrated approach, by which we work from clearly specified Control Areas to specific Effect Areas with key performance indicators. That’s how we make  industrial asset management work.

Want more details?

We are happy to show you how we have put this into practice at major customers. Of course your business has its own requirements, so we look forward to hear more in detail about that. Check out our case studies or contact us if you want more details on a specific topic.


We think it is important to be of value, and to cooperate with our partners. Together with our partners we come to better solutions for you.