Legislative Audit Readiness

Legislative Audit Readiness
Compliance is your license to operate, no doubt about that. But are you ready for mandatory audits at any given moment? Can you prevent fails and costly counter measures to solve them? Legislative Audit Readiness is all about implementing a solid foundation and effective execution to achieve demonstrable compliance to the applicable legislation, anytime.

By implementing an ongoing optimization cycle, your equipment and installations, work methods and environmental aspects are compliant at any given moment, not just when audited. This saves contingency costs as well as valuable time.

CMMS – Legislative Assurance Tasks
Based on our expertise in the field of inspection, regulation rules and application of possible techniques, we know exactly where, when and how often measurement and inspection should take place. This is how we help you to clearly identify legislative assurance tasks and make them readily available in your CMMS.

CMMS – Defined Responsibilities
Besides clearly identified tasks, you also need to make sure to capture well defined responsibilities in your CMMS. In this way there is no discussion about who’s responsible for what. And at what moment the responsibility exceeds the scope, in order to escalate properly.

CMMS – Auditable Track
Traceability is key for demonstrable compliance. Therefore, we establish an auditable track that includes findings and follow-up in the CMMS. This doesn’t only serve as a building block for compliance, but also as a log on how to stay on track in optimizing people, process and systems.

Customer cases

With over 5 years of reliable data, TotalEnergies Netherlands were able to perform the first accurate RCM simulation ever at Total Energies group. As a result, they were able to optimize their maintenance strategy, backed with obtained derogations, while saving costs and at the same time improving availability.

How to identify and  specify Safety & Environmentally Critical Elements (SECE’s) and integrate its management from scratch in the CMMS when new regulations demand clarity and traceability? At Neptune we introduced a team to address the task of setting up the required information system and assessing their production platforms accordingly.

Adjusting the course of action and taking the right decisions when it comes to safety and environmental issues requires business intelligence. Following their wish to work with BI-Cycle, we integrated this business intelligence tool to work with all relevant data sources. Now the client is able to generate dash boards and reports with just a click of the mouse.